Third Crossing of the Algarve Way

The third crossing of the Via Algarviana ( Algarve Way ) takes place in March this year. Participants can choose to travel in four different ways, on foot, on mountain bike, on horseback or on foot but accompanied by donkeys. Whatever your preferred method of travel this should be an interesting and enjoyable way to explore the wonderful, and often undiscovered interior of the Algarve. The route is mostly through countryside and passes close to DuasQuintas guesthouse, a convenient stop off point on sector 9 of the trail.

walking  in the hills Barragem do Arade

For those interested in walking, the Algarve Way trail  is divided over 14 days, beginning on March 20. This year the walk will start in Cabo de Sao Vincente, on the west coast and finish 240 kilometers later in Alcoutim, in the east, on April 2. However, you do not need to do the whole walk and people can choose to join the crossing for as long or as short a period as they wish.

The main objective of Almargem, the enviormental group behind this venture, is to open up the interior of the Algarve in a sustainable way so that more and more people can enjoy this hidden treasure.

Travelling with donkeys is the love of Sofia von Mentzingen who visited us at Duas Quintas guesthouse last year while she was exploring the Algarve Way with Kiko and Jeko, two of her long eared friends. Sofia explained to us that trekking with donkeys is all about going at the animals pace.They are not just there to carry the baggage but become a real companion to those who are travelling with them.

 Sofia and Helga preparing to TravelReady to go!

By foot, by mountain bike, by horseback or with donkeys, the 3rd crossing of the Via Algarviana will have lots to delight and surprise its participants.

But if you cannot make the March/April dates remember that walking the Algarve Way can also be combined with other  algarve walking holidays. Consider exploring the Algarve Way over a series of mini breaks, taking advantage of low cost flights. Walking in the Algarve is the ideal activity to combine with the many low cost flights to Faro. Its great because the  best value flights are available at some of the best times of the year for your Algarve walking holidays. Many airlines with flights to Faro have excellent pre summer prices. March, April, May and June are good months to choose for your Algarve walking holidays as the weather is not too hot but you can look forward to plenty of blue skies as well as wonderful wild flowers.

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