Corona Virus response – Internal protocol at Duas Quintas

The purpose of this protocol is to promote the health and well being of Duas Quintas guests and staff during the current Pandemic Covid 19.

Preventative measures

Information and protocol

  1. All guests are made aware of this protocol prior to arrival at Duas Quintas.
  2. All guests are expected to comply with this protocol which is based on the recommendations issued by the W.H.O. and is in line with Turismo de Portugal Clean&Safe procedures.
  3. This protocol is available for consultation on the Duas Quintas website.
  4. Information outlining the basic preventative measures required of both guests and staff at Duas Quintas will be resent to guests, in digital format, on arrival at Duas Quintas.
  5. This information will also be displayed in a location for all guests to see.
  6. Mary Cave is the responsible person for the implementation of this protocol and to review and revise as necessary

Hygiene plan

The basic procedure of cleaning followed by disinfection will be followed in each area.

Hand sanitising gel is available at the entrance, by the guest fridge, on entrance to the pool area and in the barbeque area.

Interior communal areas will be kept to a minimum, namely the use of a guest fridge and honesty bar in the guest lounge. This guest lounge is no longer available as a common sitting area. This room will be cleaned twice daily. Priority will be given to humid cleaning as per W.H.O.recommendations. For details see cleaning register.

The communal picnic box with plates, cutlery etc, has been removed and guests should specifically request these items from Les or Mary.  Board games etc are available on request, and must be returned to Les or Mary for sanitizing and not transferred to other guests.

The external communal areas are the swimming pool and its surrounding area, the barbeque area and the external dining areas.

Hand sanitising gel is provided at the entrance to the pool area and at the barbeque area.

The swimming pool and surrounding area will be cleaned 2 x daily. For details see cleaning register. Guests may be asked to leave this area to ensure that proper cleaning procedures are put in place.

A red/green cleaning system is in place for sun beds and communal seating areas.

Each accommodation unit will have its own sun bed covers/mattresses and exterior cushions. Guests are asked to keep the same equipment throughout the length of their stay. Barbeque area and outdoor sink area will be cleaned 2x daily. For details see cleaning register

Bedrooms will be prepared in accordance with the guidelines issued by W.H.O. and  in line with Turismo de Portugal Clean&Safe procedures.

All surfaces, including door handles, light switches, remote controls and hairdryers are cleaned thoroughly after check-out.

One pair of single use gloves per room.

One set of cleaning cloths per room.

Preference for humid cleaning. For further details see cleaning register/bedroom

Housekeeping will no longer take place on a daily basis but at agreed intervals for stays of 4 days or more.

When a change of bed linen is required during a stay, extra time must be allowed between linen change and cleaning to comply with WHO recommendations.

Guests can request bed linen and remake their own beds. Extra towels, bathroom products etc are available on request. Guests are encouraged to use Whatsapp or SMS rather than face to face contact to make this request.

The disposal of waste materials will be determined by W.H.O.guidelines

  • An isolation room is provided for suspected or confirmed Covid 19 cases.

This room has a door to the outside and a private toilet and shower. The room will be simply furnished and equipped with basic cleaning materials, disposable masks and gloves, hand sanitising gel, refuse sacks, water and snacks. A television is provided. Free internet is available. Contact can be made with Mary Cave, the responsible person for this protocol, by telephone  (00351 9197297999)or SMS message or WhatsApp.

Contact details for SNS are  provided.

All matters relating to the treatment of a guest/s with suspected or confirmed Covid 19  is the responsibility of the local public health authority

If, because of suspicion or confirmation of Covid 19, a guest has to remain at Duas Quintas for longer than the intended stay or if extra accommodation is required, this will be charged at the normal Duas Quintas rates for that period.

The disposal of waste materials will be determined by W.H.O.guidelines


  1. Everyone working at Duas Quintas will be made aware of the basic protective measures against Covid 19, as recommended by W.H.O. including frequent hand washing, respiratory etiquette, social distancing and the use of a mask in any enclosed space.
  2. Everyone working at Duas Quintas will be made aware of this protocol and given basic instruction in its implementation.
  3. Everyone working at Duas Quintas will be expected to self evaluate on a daily basis with regard to Covid 19 symptoms, namely high temperature, a new, dry cough, difficulties with smell or taste or respiratory problems.
  4. New and increased cleaning and disinfection procedures will be explained to all staff .
  5. Personal protective equipment in the form of disposable masks, hand sanitising gel, gloves and aprons will be provided.
  6. A supply of personal protective equipment, relative to the number of staff, will be maintained