Food in the Algarve


One of the delights of holidaying on the Algarve is the variety and value of Portuguese restaurants. Fish lovers are in for a treat, with a huge range of fresh fish available in even the smallest restaurants.  There are excellent shellfish restaurants too and many traditional Algarve recipes use fish and shellfish as their main ingredients. Piri piri chicken, grilled meats, wild boar and many different stews and casseroles are all prepared using traditional methods. Algarve sweets and desserts, based on locally grown figs, carobs and almonds are famous throughout Portugal.

]Our local restaurant, Rainha, only 15 minutes walk away, provides excellent traditional food and friendly service.

In Silves, there are enough excellent restaurants to go to a different one every night of the week and still not have covered them all! Try something new – wild boar, roast suckling pig or octupus salad,  or the wonderful cataplanaOutside Silves, why not have a romantic evening meal overlooking the sea in one of the famous beach side restaurants.Or visit some of our neighbouring villages and enjoy traditional food in a relaxing rural setting.