Algarve Caves

A view through the caves_640x426

One way to explore them is on an Algarve walking holiday. Another way, and it certainly complements your walk, is to take a boat trip with local expert David Lamy.

Increasingly rare, David is a local man who has known the caves since he was a boy. Using a traditional Algarve boat, Universus, which is small enough to really access the caves, David provides a trip to the caves that is unequalled here on the Algarve. Speaking six languages, he shares his knowledge and love of thisĀ  area with his visitors and his enthusiasm for the Algarve coast is obvious. Combining knowledge of the tides with skill as a boatman, David makes sure that on his trips visitors can get inside some of the most beautiful and most spectacular caves. For a really special day, arrange to be dropped off at one of the beaches that can only be accessed by boat.